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PRE-ORDER - Backpack Frog Plush (ships July 2024)

PRE-ORDER - Backpack Frog Plush (ships July 2024)

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*This is a PRE-ORDER and DOES NOT SHIP until July, 2024!*

IMPORTANT: If your order contains items other than the frog plush, they will ship LATER with the plushie in July. If you want other items earlier, you'll have to make two separate purchases so you pay for shipping for each parcel.

About the Backpack Frog

  • Each frog comes with a removable backpack! The backpack has a light blue front pouch that can hold tiny items.
  • The straps are snug around his arms to keep it secure on his travels
  • His toes are filled with poly-pellets, making them extra floppy and weighted.


  • body - 8" 
  • front legs - 3.5" 
  • back legs - 4" 
  • backpack - 4" longest side
  • blue pocket - 2.5" wide


  • The eyes are embroidery and the mouth is felt
  • All parts are 100% polyester
  • The backpack has embroidered details and ribbon straps
  • The green fabric is furry and soft
  • All other fabric is a shorter pile fabric and soft
  • Please allow some colour differences from your screen to real life, as well as minor imperfections. No two plushies will be identical or 100% perfection - that's just the nature of plush manufacturing.


Because plushies take a lot of time and money to manufacture, I decided to do pre-orders. This allows me to estimate how many I need before placing the bulk order.

  • March 22nd - Pre-orders open
  • April 11th - I'll submit my order to the manufacturer
  • May 9th - Frogs are shipped to me from the manufacturer
  • June 20th - Frogs should arrive to me 
  • June 27th - Quality checking, sorting, & packaging
  • Early July - I'll begin shipping them out!

I've added some extra time in the schedule in case anything goes wrong. This could include manufacturing delays, shipping delays, and a high defect rate from the manufacturer. I'll update buyers if there's any major delays, but hopefully everything goes according to schedule (or ahead of it if we're lucky!)

Pricing, Availability After Pre-orders, etc

  • After I send out all the frog pre-orders, the remaining frogs will go on my shop at a slightly higher price. Pre-orders will get the discounted rate ($40 CAD vs $45 CAD)
  • B grade frogs & C grade frogs, if any, will become available at this time too. All pre-ordered frogs will be A grade.
  • note: this is a collectible plush figure, and not made for children

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